Barbour Wildlife Management Area - Flood Plain Tree Planting-Project #243

Restoration of bottom land hardwoods on this site will produce quality hardwood timber, create excellent habitat for wildlife species, and provide a demonstration area for forest management in riparian areas. The 16,000 trees were hand planted during the 2010-2011 planting season.  Approximately one third of the seedlings are protected by tree shelters to minimize deer browse. Our project manager reported in April 2011 that the trees look good, broke dormancy, and are putting on new leaves.  The photo shows a tree in a protective tree tube.  Target planted trees include cherrybark oak, southern red oak, and swamp white oak. Natural regeneration of other native trees is also growing on the site and will act as nurse/trainers for the planted seedlings. The site is a flood plain on a tributary of Cowikee Creek that drains into the Chattahoochee River.

  • Project Type: Tree planting
  • Project Initiation Date: Spring 2011
  • Location: Barbour Wildlife Management Area, Barbour and Bullock Counties , Alabama
  • Number of Trees: 16,000
  • Number of Acres: 25
  • Tree Species: Cherrybark oak, Southern red oak, Swamp white oak
  • Project Partner: Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Divisions