Preferred Species List (developed June 2003)

 The Hardwood Forestry Fund provides grants for planting high quality hardwoods on suitable sites in the US and internationally.  This list includes suggested hardwood species that are known for their commercial value.  Natural resource professionals are encouraged to request funding for hardwood species that are best suited to their selective sites using this list as a guide. Preferred hardwoods are indicated with a “1.”  Acceptable hardwoods given specific sites are indicated with a “2.”  Preference is given to projects that plant northern red oak, white oak, maple, cherry, and walnut. 

Common Name-General Botanical Name Common Name-Specific Preference Group
Alder                Alnus rubra  Red alder  2
Ash As of 2008, funding for ash is currently not available due to ash borer    
  Fraxinus pennsylvanica  Green ash 2
  Fraxinus  americana  White ash 1
  Fraxinus nigra  Black ash 1
  Fraxinus latifolia  Oregon ash 2
Aspen Populus tremuliodes  Quaking aspen 2
Basswood Tilia americana  American basswood 1
  Tilia heterophylla   White basswood 1
Birch Tilia heterophylla   Yellow birch 1
  Tilia heterophylla   Black birch 2
  Tilia heterophylla   Paper birch 1
Cherry Prunus serotina  Black cherry 1
Chestnut Prunus serotina  American chestnut 1
Elm Ulmus rubra  Red or slippery elm 1
Hickory Carya ovata  Shagbark hickory 1
  Carya tomentosa  Mockernut hickory                                    2
  Carya glabra  Pignut hickory 2
Mahogany-Tropical Environment Swietenia macrophylla  Bigleaf mahogany                1
  Khaya ivorensis  African mahogany 1
  Khaya anthotheca  African mahogany 1
Madrone-Western US Arbutus sp Madrone 2
Maple-East Acer saccharum  Sugar maple 1
  Acer rubrum  Red maple 2
  Also sugar and red maple with genetic qualities/tendencies toward birds-eye, figure or quilted characteristics.    2
Maple-West Acer macrophyllum  Bigleaf maple 1
Oak-North/East Quercus rubra  Northern red oak                          1
  Quercusshumardii Shumard oak                                  2
  Quercus alba White oak 1
  Quercus prinus  Chestnut oak (dry sites)                   2
  Quercus velutina Black oak  (poor sites)  2
  Quercus garryana Oregon white oak 1
  Quercus kelloggii California black oak 1
  Arbutus menziesii Pacific madrone 1
Oak-South Quercus falcata var. pagodifolia  Cherrybark oak     1
  Quercus falcata  Southern red oak  1
  Quercus coccinea  Scarlet oak  2
  Quercus nuttallii  Nuttall oak 2
  Quercus virginiana  Live oak 2
  Quercus michauxii  Swamp chestnut oak 2
  Quercus muehlenbergii  Chinkapin oak                      2
Pecan Carya illinoensis  Pecan 1
Sweetgum Liquidambar styraciflua                             American sweetgum 2
Teak-Tropical Environment Pterocarpus angolensis  African teak