Among our projects in North Carolina is the following:

The Gill State Forest   - Project # 272 

The North Carolina Forest Service partnered with us to plant 2,616 seedlings of Northern Red Oak on 6 acres in a hardwood cutover area.  The 6 acres include in this project did not have very much quality hardwood regeneration naturally. It was occupied with low quality hardwoods and rhododendron and mountain laurel.  The site area was prepared with a burn.

Three different divisions within the NCFS assisted with this planting.  They include NCFS Region # 2, the NC Bridge Program which utilizes inmate labor, and the NC Nursery Program which supplied 100% of the tree stock.  The planting was done by hand with an auger, and spacing was 10’ x 10’.

The site is on a state forest where one of the major training centers is located.  They use this site for their Forester and technician Forest Management trainings which last 2 years.  This site has traditionally been a central locale for training new NC staff in both natural regeneration and reintroducing forest diversity. The project promotes the restoration of Northern Red Oak in North Carolina.