We have funded 40 projects in Pennsylvania, making it the third largest state for number of HFF projects.  Here is information on three of our planting locations in Pennsylvania. 

Sproul State Forest - Project #10

In 1992 we partnered with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources to plant 30 acres back to Oak and Cherry.  A forest fire in April 1991 burned over 10,000 acres in that area.  Tree shelters were used to protect the seedlings from deer.  The tubes, which biodegrade in about five years, also serve to act like miniature greenhouses, giving the seedlings an added chance of survival.  The seedling panting was done by various volunteer groups, including an HFF Board Member, Penn  ReLeaf, Penn State students, and forestry workers.  To date we have funded 12 different projects in the Sproul State Forest.

Sproul State Forest was named in memory of William C. Sproul, Governor of Pennsylvania from 1919 to 1923. Sproul State Forest is located in north central Pennsylvania, primarily in western Clinton and northern Centre counties.  The largest in the state forest system, Sproul covers 305,450 acres, or slightly more than 476 square miles. It features steep and rugged hillsides cut by the West Branch of the Susquehanna River and its tributaries.

Raystown Lake - Project #219, 226, 233, 247, 256, 261, 268

We have partnered with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on 7 different projects in the Raystown Lake area.To date, Raystown has managed 3,498 acres using commercial forest management. This management has resulted in the harvesting of an estimated 6.1M board feet of sawtimber and 102K tons of pulpwood. Revenues from the sale of these wood products now exceed $1.88M. This revenue is returned to Raystown and used to further enhance the environmental stewardship program (i.e. gravel road maintenance, forest pest suppression, invasive species herbicide, prescribed fire, food plot program).

Michaux State Forest - Project #15

In 1994 we partnered with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry to plant 3,000 red oak seedlings on 30 acres in this forest.  Michaux State Forest encompasses more than 85,500 acres in the South Mountain area of Cumberland County, Franklin County, and Adams County

Considered Pennsylvania’s “cradle of forestry,” Michaux is the site of the first forestry school, Mont Alto. The forest is named for the French botanist, Andre Michaux, who discovered and named many plants during the 18th century.

Most of the state forest lands of the Michaux district are located at the northern terminus of the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains. Forests of oak species dominate the slopes, including: Chestnut oak, Scarlet oak,,Northern-red oak, Black oak, White oak, along with:, Red maple, Black birch, Blackgum, Hickory, Pine, and Tuliptree.