Through June of 2019, we have had 3 planting projects in Texas. 

 Gilmont Upland Hardwood Restoration Site – Project # 277


 In 2015 Presbyterian Camps at Gilmont, Inc. requested funding for a planting of 11,396 Oak seedlings on 22 acres of their 405 acre property.  The Board of the camp engaged a consulting forester to develop The Gilmont Forest Management Plan for a variety of harvest and restoration goals throughout the property.  The site was chosen for its deep soil moisture and natural generation potential. 

 The goals for the property are to maintain a healthy forest for fiber and lumber roduction as well as to enhance wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities. It is now a destination in what has been a remote part of the property, for guests of all ages to watch a native stand develop over time.  Project partners include the Apache Tree Grant Program, the local office of the Natural Resource Conservation Service, the Texas Forest Service, and the Gilmer High School Future Farmers of America and Eagle Scouts.


Sprouting the first Spring, 2016.

December 2019 update from Marie Nelson, Project Manager

At Camp Gilmont, a camp and retreat center in North East Texas, approximately 1/3 of the 405 acre property has been used for the camp facilities, and the remaining 2/3, forest lands have been managed in varying degrees over time.

All friends of Camp Gilmont appreciate the gift of creation and share a desire for healthy forests.  The Board of Directors engaged a consulting forester to guide harvest and restoration goals in a more intentional way. As part of this effort, starting in 2015, some areas of the property were thinned, some diseased areas totally harvested, and some manicured areas are being converted from lawn to forest.

Thankfully, Camp Gilmont was selected for partnership in its hardwood forest restoration efforts.  The Apache Tree Grant Program provided seedlings, and the Hardwood Forestry Fund selected Gilmont for a reimbursable grant for planting, care, access and education associated with the forest lands.  In winter of 2016, a variety of Oaks, including: Water, White, Shumard, and Southern Red, were planted.  Planting areas included, a section of 10 acres on the hill behind the cabins that was total-harvested following drought and ensuing disease. Programming areas around the main part of the camp where several acres are being converted from manicured lawn to forest were included, as well as an area just South of Lake Kilgore where mature trees had died, also from disease.

Latest reports from the fall of 2019 show a significant amount of pine competition in the upland 10 acres, with a good number of the hardwoods fighting and taking hold.  In the open areas near facilities, the camp has realized a better than 90 percent survival rate. 

Pictures below taken in the fall of 2019 show Southern Red and Water Oaks.